Kevorkian criticises assisted suicide laws

Dr Kevorkian has again been vocal in taking issue with existing laws on assisted suicide. “Oregon, Montana, Washington – that’s not euthanasia: a doctor can’t do it. The patient’s got to take the pill himself. If he can’t move, he can’t have it, and if he can’t swallow, he can’t have it. What’s happening now in Oregon is wrong. It’s not medical service.”

Meanwhile you can now pre-order the HBO movie that dramatises Dr Kevorkian’s life with Al Pacino in the lead role and stellar supporting cast. From Amazon (USA/Canada), expected to be available on Oct 26th 2010. In addition to the film, the DVD comes with an audio commentary and a featurette.

Interview & Short Video Clip (CNN)
Earlier video (Dr Kevorkian demonstrates his machine)
Trailer for You Don’t Know Jack (Al Pacino as Dr Kevorkian)
Dr Kevorkian movie (Official HBO website) pre-order the movie (You Don’t Know Jack: USA/Canada)

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