Five Last Acts – news update


Five Last Acts new edition - now over 300 pages - available soon


Update – the new edition of Five Last Acts is back from the main proof-readers and will go into publication very soon. (We are just waiting for it to come back from the academic reviewers.)

Five Last Acts, published three years ago, broke new ground with methods of self-deliverance and clear explanations of the popular methods of suicide for the self-delivering individual. Now Five Last Acts, 2nd edition, completely revised & updated, is expanded from 186 pages to over 400. And a change of publishers means it will be available world-wide.

Original chapters have been greatly expanded to make things even simpler. New evidence is included for the first time. More diagrams help you to understand the stages. It now include suppliers, and reviews of 3rd party products and aids not covered elsewhere. Contrary claims are examined and laid to rest. Five Last Acts, 2nd edition is probably the most extensive manual on self-deliverance yet published.

  • Moral and legal issues
  • Before you start – practicalities
  • Helium – the 21st century way
  • Compression – can be used even in hospital
  • Drugs – prescription & non-prescription
  • Drugs from the Internet
  • Drugs from abroad
  • Plastic bags – time honoured methods
  • Starvation and other difficult means
  • What is asphyxia? – the science behind it
  • Research into asphyxia
  • Finding the truth about plastic bags
  • The chloroquine controversy
  • Toxic plants
  • Fasting to death
  • Dignitas and death the Swiss way
  • A guide to suicide guides
  • Recommended further reading
  • About EXIT workshops
  • Frequently asked questions
  • The ethics of self-deliverance publishing
  • Index and food for thought

Lavishly illustrated with clear step-by-step diagrams and fully referenced with hundreds of citations from the scientific literature. Plus an authoritative guide to the ins and outs of staying within the law and legal risk-taking from the UK. Methods & approaches compared. Safeguards. Dealing with relatives and health care providers. Everything you need to put your mind at ease and give you the confidence to face an unknown future.

  • Five Last Acts, 2nd edition will be available at a reduced price to most Exit members.

Hear what readers felt about the first edition:

“I have just finished reading your most excellent book, Five Last Acts; it is so well-researched, so informative, so clear, that it leads me to ask this question: which rational person would not want to obtain a copy of this book as an insurance policy against an uncertain future?”

“An invaluable little book which answers a host of possible questions. Timely preparations are stresses and described. I found the chapters on Helium and Compression particularly enlightening, as were the diagrams. The bibliography and references are also most helpful.”

Exit has been publishing self-deliverance information since 1980 – longer than anyone in the world. The information is thorough and scientific. Most of it can not be obtained from any other source. Arguments over the ‘best’ method are thoroughly examined, as are the claims of various pieces of literature or ‘right-to-die’ organisations. Five Last Acts, 2nd edition, deals with a difficult subject. It does not encourage suicide. For many, just knowing they will be in control gives them the peace of mind they seek. But for the small minority whose suffering is unbearable and unrelievable, it shows how to choose the time of one’s dying with the minimum of pain or hurt – to oneself and others.

Update 5th October – 2nd edition is now at the printers – look out for it on within a few weeks. regular bookshops to follow. Large discount available to members.

Update 13th October – 2nd edition now available. Purchase here.

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2 Responses to Five Last Acts – news update

  1. Janet Jefferson-Clark says:

    So sad the Bill was not passed today but can see some reasons why.
    I wish to know if I become terminally ill whatyoptions are. Thank you.

    • We never held out that much hope for it (they never ask our advice unfortunately until they have already drafted something). Your options, should you become terminally ill, are a) go to Dignitas in Switzerland (considerable joining process and usually high costs); b) self-euthanasia (for which see our books); c) refusal of treatment (living will) but *only* if your terminal process will be hastened by non-treatment; d) stick it out, and make a lot of noise to get the best palliative care available.

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