Kevorkian portrayal wins awards

Three Emmys for the film of Kevorkian's life

Jack Kevorkian was lauded indirectly on Sunday as the film biopic of his lifetime struggle to help people who wanted him to provide voluntary euthanasia picked up three prestigious awards at the Emmys. Screen legend Al Pacino, who plays the good doctor, picked up a best acting award, and the film was also decorated for its fine script. The Emmy Award is a television production award,  considered the television equivalent to the Academy Awards (for cinema). Susan Sarandon and John Goodman had also been nominated for their supporting role performances in the film. In a press interview, Pacino spoke of how many relatives of persons who had spoken to Kevorkian and eventually not needed his help, gained so much just from knowing he was there, knowing that help was there if needed.

Note – Kevorkian was in the audience to see the movie win its awards.

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Video interview with Al Pacino and Jack Kevorkian (Emmys)

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