Scottish Parliament Committee on End of Life Bill on video

The Scottish Parliament Committee on End of Life began taking oral evidence from international experts on 7th September 2010. The proceedings are available to view online as a video recording for a short time and are recommended to those seriously interested in the deliberations.

Parliamentary Committees are an important part of the Scottish legislative process. When the first committee bill was passed by the Parliament, Alasdair Morgan MSP, then convener of the Justice 1 Committee, said: “The ability of Scottish Parliament committees to initiate legislation is an important part of what makes our system of governance innovative and fundamentally different from Westminster.”

You can see a committee meeting in action. Members of the public can attend all committee meetings, except those which are held in private. Most meetings take place in one of the Parliament building’s six committee rooms and each committee room has between 20 and 50 public seats, with further seating made available to the press. Tickets are free and can be reserved by emailing or telephoning the Parliament’s Visitor Services team on 0131 348 5200.

Part One of the video features evidence from Dr Georg Bosshard, from the University of Zurich; Professor Martin Buijsen, from Erasmus University Rotterdam; Dr Rob Jonquière, from the World Federation of Right to Die Societies; and Professor Penney Lewis, from Kings College London.

Part two of the video features
Professor Calum MacKellar, Dr Iain Brassington, Professor Sheila McLean, and Dr Chris Sugden.

Part three of the video features
Professor Linda Ganzini from Oregon Health and Science University
Deborah Whiting Jaques from the Oregon Hospice Association.

Alternative links to the above (BBC) links to the videos, from Parliament

End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill (SP Bill 38)
Definitions and phrases used in the Bill

Timetable of coming meetings:
Monday 20 September 2010
Tuesday 21 September 2010
Tuesday 28 September 2010 (including Exit)
Tuesday 5 October

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