New edition of Five Last Acts on Amazon

Five Last Acts 2nd Edition

414 pages. Members of Exit will be able to buy the book at almost a 50% discount.

Five Last Acts 2nd Edition
Chris Docker M.Phil
ISBN 9781453869376
414 pages
41 illustrations
459 references

The long-awaited new edition of Five Last Acts came online at today and at over 400 pages marks what may be the most comprehensive guide to self-deliverance techniques available. To quote author, Chris Docker, “This is possibly the first time that methods of rational suicide have been dealt with in such depth. Not only traditional methods, such as helium; but emergency measures that could be employed even in a hospital or nursing home, quietly, discreetly, not requiring any special pills or equipment, and affording the person the option of being able to ensure they can pass away comfortably and with dignity.”

Opposition to the book is expected to be fierce, as is any measure enabling assisted dying in the face of unbearable and unrelievable suffering. But no punches are pulled. While not encouraging suicide – in fact quite the opposite – the book tries to fulfil a need. “Most people who obtain such literature,” says Docker, “never use it to end their life: but they often say how it gives them courage to face an unknown future.”

Before going to press, a thorough examination was made of relevant laws and also the psychology of suicide. “Similar books have been available for a long time. But the main point is that they are not used to counsel or assist. There is no causal link. Having the information available doesn’t increase suicides – it simply means that persons who have already made that very serious decision will suffer rather less in carrying it out.”

Unlike previous manuals from Exit, Five Last Acts 2nd Edition is available both to the public and to members of Exit. Exit purchases it at a special price and makes it available to its membership at a vastly reduced cost.

How is Five Last Acts 2nd Edition different from the 1st Edition?

The book has more than doubled in size from its original 186 pages. There are now over 40 illustrations and line drawings; much of the text has been expanded and simplified, making it easier to follow and implement. Source material is fuller to assist other researchers and allow readers to have confidence in its findings. The helium chapter has been expanded and extra detail added to overcome the slightest possibility of discomfort or ill-ease. The voluntary starvation/dehydration chapter has been greatly expanded to include essential new information of great value. The compression chapter has been expanded to provide even greater safeguards. A guide to guides has been expanded to bring it up to date, cover more background, and look at alternative manuals. The law has been explained in much more explicit, accurate detail than before. The drugs chapter has been enlarged to examine current information available and warnings on travelling to Mexico for medications. Other chapters have been enlarged to include extra practical tips discovered at workshops and trial runs.

The primary aim of the book is to give the reader sufficient information that can dramatically increase the chances of a peaceful and dignified dying. It does have its limitations – if you were completely paralysed, for instance, you – sadly – would not be able to use the information unaided. The main concern has been the need of people with some physical and mental capacity who seek a reliable manual with all the necessary instructions in one place. The guiding principles are: 1) it must be accurate, 2) it must be practical, 3) it must reach the intended audience with a minimum of danger to others. The effort in ensuring these have been met has been enormous.

Please note: we do not have any spare copies available physically in the office – this includes review copies. We are expecting a consignment for members before the middle of next month.

Five Last Acts 2nd Edition on

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  1. karmadillo says:

    Nice work! I can hardly wait to see it.

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