Latest issue of the magazine – Exit NL 30(2)

Our latest issue is streaming off the press as you read this and will be arriving through members’ letterboxes in the next few days.

Items include:

  • A shocking lead article  by world-famous ethicists, Peter Singer about the ‘slippery slope’ and how it’s occurring without legislation on voluntary euthanasia
  • Scottish assisted dying bill – how the Scottish parliament is different
  • Detailed information on the new FIVE LAST ACTS 2ND EDITION and a special discount offer for members
  • Responses and counterarguments – we examine some popular self-deliverance claims and separate facts from fiction
  • The Flickering Light – a new series on examining assisted suicide and self-deliverance in cinema and popular culture
  • No Man’s Land – a young writer’s intelligent approach to the ‘euthanasia question’
  • Your letters – how knowledge of self-deliverance has changed lives for the better – AND tips on keeping helium discreetly stored
  • Self-deliverance paperwork – useful ready-made forms for the end of life
  • Helium again – examining what can go wrong
  • Workshop application forms
  • and a host of other articles, book reviews, and inspiration

If you maybe want more than the news we can print in the Blog, download an application form – and receive possibly the most informative magazine on self-deliverance available. (over 21s only.)

Workshop dates: latest dates and cities just announced: Edinburgh 20th November, London 27th November, York 5th December. (Membership required)

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