The art of giving and remembering

Artist Lauren Dutton examines memory and identity in a work that looks at the gift of life

Some remarkable art on the blog this week. From the Royal College of Art, Lauren Dutton envisages supplying body parts for donation whist providing a substitute mourning site – and asking us, “Can donating organs also be an act of remembrance?” A way of making special memories, a focal point for the bereaved, an act of generosity on the part of one who dies. Savulescu’s recent paper spoke of organ donation euthanasia. Not as a way of ‘harvesting’ but of allowing a special opportunity. Perhaps we can and should go further to make death something special. Something beautiful. Something, in fact, worth remembering.

Lauren Dutton
Necromance – Medical Humanities Blog
Royal College of Art
Savulescu on Organ Donation Euthanasia (Exit Blog)
I don’t need my organs, just a peaceful dying (Exit Blog)

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One Response to The art of giving and remembering

  1. alison auldjo says:

    That’s really interesting. What an great image too.

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