Workshops filling up quickly

A workshop participant learns how to make an

The new workshops in London, York and Edinburgh are filling up quickly. Unique ‘hands-on’ workshops, they empower participants with the use of dress rehearsals to familiarise them with techniques in achieving peaceful, painless, dignified death when faced with an uncertain future that may include unbearable and unrelievable suffering.

The techniques explored include everything from equipment to the correct drugs and how to obtain them. Unlike seminars, it is ‘participant-led’ so that the knowledge becomes second-nature rather than the difficulty of committing things heard or read to memory.

In contract to sessions run by other self-deliverance organisations, the five main methods include an emergency method than can be used without drugs or special equipment – for instance, should one be confined to a hospital when the time came, or a nursing home.

Workshops are open to members only, so anyone applying now will either be a member already or need to apply for membership and a workshop place at the same time. Proof of age is also required with the application.

Workshop dates this year are Edinburgh 20th November, London 27th November, and York 5th December. They are full day sessions from 10am to 4.30pm with a break for lunch. (Workshop fees are £65 per person. Exit Membership is £30 per annum. Workshops comply with all existing legislation and do not encourage suicide.)

Print membership application form

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