An artist in life and death

As we draw towards the end of the year, perhaps it is a good tiime to remember some of those who have passed away.  Johnny Hicklenton was an artist who used his pain and anger in life to create startling images in such iconic strips as Judge Dread. A documentary about his life was critically well-received and favourably reviewed by the British Medical Journal. His last book 100 months, was finished the day before he died at the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland. Through his art, he defined and transformed his life into something that will live on after his body died.

The 2000 AD forums broke the news via Pat Mills, who said of John: “John Hicklenton passed away peacefully last week.  His ending was an expected one and he saw it as a triumph over his illness MS.  Amongst his final words  to me were  “MS – you have a week to live, you’ve met someone you shouldn’t have f*****  with”.  A great artist and  a true hero.”

Excerpt from Here’s Johnny and ordering details (limited edition)
Here’s Johnny on the Internet Movie Database entry
His obituary on Forbidden Planet magazine
Order 100 Months from Amazon
Newspaper report in The Argus
John Hicklenton Wikipedia page
BBC News tribute to John Hicklenton
MS Society page Nothing to Lose page on John Hicklenton
Review on the BMJ about his film

Footnote 7 Dec: Although our blog tribute was generated several days ago, by a curious coincidence, the Glasgow Herald have just published an excellent tribute here.

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  1. alison auldjo says:

    Interesting reading as always…keep it up!

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