Preparing a holiday from life

Many people look forward to the holiday festival periods as a break from work. Getting away from the daily grind, being able to put our feet up. Freedom from day to day hassles. Yet some people – those with unbearable and unendurable suffering, indignity, mental or physical torment. When do they get to ‘put their feet up?’

A workshop participant said to me recently, “I don’t want to anguish over the means of dying all day. I just want to have that knowledge so I can get on with the rest of the life I have left.”

Contrary to popular belief, people are not more likely to end their life at holiday times. Some people will ‘hang on’ to see that next birthday in with their grandchildren, to enjoy a last family get-together. It’s all about being in charge, being in control of one’s own life. With more control comes the ability to give more – even to carry on living longer for the sake of others.

Our picture this blog is taken from an unusual movie called Dream with the Fishes. It looks at the intertwined lives of two men, one who needs to know how to die and one who just thinks he does. Digging beneath the surface looks at the problems each of them faces in their respectively unlikely circumstances and lifestyles.

Exit is not a ‘deathing agency.’ We don’t chat to someone on the phone and go, “OK, you sound reasonably sensible, I guess you are suffering terribly, here’s how you end it.” We’ve seen the horrors resulting from well-meaning help by too many ‘right-to-die’ organisations. Exit concentrates on trying to do one thing and well – supplying reliable, useful and well-supported information for future use. In books or workshops, it is to give you peace of mind based on knowledge, not hearsay. The common response is joy at knowing.

  • Exit is not closing over the holiday period.
  • Dream with the Fishes is reviewed in the forthcoming edition of Exit Newsletter.
  • Exit Newsletter also reviews latest research into methods of rational suicide.

Suicide at Christmas – report by Simon Carley, Consultant in Emergency Medicine
Are Suicide Rates Higher at Christmas? – Centre for Suicide Prevention
Unhappy Holidays – a suicide myth debunked
Suicide holiday home – are you ready to go skiing just yet? (Dignitas)

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