Emmerdale hints at assisted suicide story

An assisted suicide storyline is set to rock viewers in the popular TV soap story

A paralysed character in Emmerdale is to die in a controversial assisted suicide storyline. Jackson Walsh’s mother and his lover are set to crush a lethal dose of tablets in a drink. Jackson, played by Mark Silcock, was injured in a road smash last year. It is not the first time the series has looked at the ‘right-to-die.’

It is not the first time the popular TV series has featured an end-of-life storyline. Back in 2006, Alice convinces Sam that the best thing for all three of them would be if she could die of her own volition and in a state where she can still see her family.

Many ethicists believe that using the Arts to portray real-life dilemmas can help viewers decide how they feel about such situations. It is one thing to discuss it from textbooks – it is quite another to imagine fleshed-out characters with strong emotions. If the question ever visits us in our own lives, will we have time to think about it clearly?

Emmerdale assisted suicide storyline shocker (Sun Newspaper)
Emmerdale star drops hints about exit (RTE Ten)
A most demanding role (Emmerdale 2006)

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2 Responses to Emmerdale hints at assisted suicide story

  1. Alan Cutkelvin Rees says:

    I am pleased that Emmerdale are going to show this storyline but would have wished they had opted for “Assisted Suicide” in Zurich, as this immoral and uncompassionate Government makes it illegal in this country.
    End of live decisions are extremely complex, personal and sensitive, I know because I accompanied my late partner to Zurich in February 2007 for his “Assisted Suicide”. His choice, his decision, his live.

    Alan Cutkelvin Rees

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