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The latest edition of EXIT Newsletter goes in the post to members this week, a bumper edition at 36 pages.

Among the leading articles are Causation and Euthanasia – an expert legal analysis of how the law works in determining culpability in end-of-life cases. There’s also an analysis of sleeping tablets, particularly the relative characteristics of two seemingly similar ones (zolpidem and temazepam) and the different ways they affect sleep architecture – the depth of sleep and length of deep sleep periods. Plus a quick guide to assisted suicide at Dignitas and a host of analytical articles of interest to persons who take control of their own lives up to and including the dying days.

Extended list of contents (not a full list):- CAUSATION AND EUTHANASIA; WORKSHOP DATES; NIGHT FLIGHT TO ETERNAL SLEEP; SENSIBLE SHOPPING – some addresses for self-deliverance items; TIPS FROM THE WORKSHOPS – useful updates on various techniques; THOSE DPP GUIDELINES! – when assisted suicide will be  punished – or not; THE FLICKERING LIGHT – movies about death and dying; MEMORIES IN THESE OFFICE WALLS – a poetic legacy at the Exit offices; COMMISSION ON ASSISTED DYING – Exit writes to Lord Falconer; CONVENER’S REPORT; Suicide by painful chemical gas; A QUICK GUIDE TO DIGNITAS; OFF THE BOOKSHELF – special edition includes law & medicine; LETTERS; POETRY; THE COST OF SWISS ASSISTED SUICIDE – various organisations in Switzerland compared; QUOTE/UNQUOTE.


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