The light of poetry

It’s such a sombre subject at times, all this death and dying! But the real reason behind the campaign is one of hope and joy. Knowledge that death can be faced without fear. Having that certainty is almost like the knowledge of a loved one being there. Close partners have both given each other a reason to live longer than they might otherwise have chosen; and have also been fulfilling comfort at a time of dying of one’s choosing.

In celebration of life and love and choice, here’s a wonderful poem by Edwin Morgan. Morgan was Glasgow’s first Poet Laureate in autumn 1999, and awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry in 2000. He died last August, aged 90 years.

When you go,
if you go,
and I should want to die,
there’s nothing I’d be saved by
more than the time
you fell asleep in my arms
in a trust so gentle
I let the darkening room
drink up the evening, till
rest, or the new rain
lightly roused you awake.
I asked if you heard the rain in your dream
and half dreaming still you only said, I love you.

Edwin Morgan

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