Police force entry to ‘check’ purchaser of suicide kit ok

Some U.S.  police responded immediately an FBI message that sounded urgent. A man had been seen carrying a bag into his house and was known to have purchased a ‘helium hood’ plastic bag kit.

Officers knocked on the man’s front door, but received no response. Concerned someone might be ‘needing’ immediate help, officers kicked in the front door. They soon learned that not only was he not home – he was out working as a newspaper reporter and not at all suicidal. He said he had purchased the Gladd Bag kit last February. He didn’t buy the kit for personal reasons. He mailed a check to The Gladd Group in order to get a suicide kit for another reporter, who at the time was researching the sale of the suicide kits for a story.

The FBI’s investigation involving The Gladd Group is ongoing. Since the May raid on the home of the company’s owner, 91-year-old Sharlotte Hydorn, the FBI has asked local law enforcement agencies throughout the country to carry out ‘welfare checks’ on people whose names are apparently listed on client lists gleaned from Hydorn’s computers.

The FBI and U.S. Postal Inspection Service launched a criminal investigation, executing a search warrant at Hydorn’s home that said she was under investigation for alleged conspiracy, fraud, tax evasion and the sale of an “adulterated or misbranded medical device.”

No charges are known to have been filed against her.

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1 Response to Police force entry to ‘check’ purchaser of suicide kit ok

  1. l. Hoi says:

    To live with dignity and to die with dignity.
    What is wrong with wanting to exit this life when in pain of dying?

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