Just 2 more UK self-deliverance events this year

Knowledge is a precious thing. And knowledge of the means to a peaceful death is increasingly hard come by.

This year, there are just two more events where you can obtain vital information on ending one’s life at a time of one’s own choosing. Most people will never use that information, but the knowledge gives them great peace of mind and the courage to face an unknown future.

Exit has a full-day, hands on workshop next Saturday 26th November in Edinburgh. Participants will make their own helium hoods and ‘dress rehearse’ other major methods of rational suicide to empower themselves should the need ever arise.

In a separate event (from a separate organisation based in Australia operating under the name of called ‘Exit International’), a fast-paced seminar will run through the most accessible, safe, reliable methods in a brief 2 hour talk in Harrogate  (tomorrow, November 21st).

Strangely, some people think that the knowledge of such things will make the vulnerable rush out and kill themselves. If that is the case, perhaps we should ban high bridges and cliffs and put universal barriers up to stop people walking onto any roads.

Both events are carefully run within existing law. Membership of the respective organisation is a pre-requisite.

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