Praise for The Exit Path

The Exit Path (cover)Richard Cone writes:
“Five Last Acts – The Exit Path” is easily the best book I have read on the subject of self-deliverance (suicide to end unrelievable suffering). Chris Docker, the author, is clearly a scholar on the subject. The text is richly annotated with background material and references to original articles, a feature usually absent from writing on this topic. The content is authoritative. As a person familiar with the physiology of death, I found the explanations lucid, completely accurate and informative.

One of the most compelling aspects of the book is Mr. Docker’s clearly stated descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Importantly, his extensive discussion of fasting (refusing food and water) debunks misleading statements made by some others who advocate this method above all others. Docker’s handling of this issue is balanced, precise and refreshingly unbiased.

The main theme of the book is detailed explanations of each method, including step-by-step instructions with illustrations. Anyone considering self-deliverance would benefit by carefully reading these instructions. In addition to recipes for success, the text compassionately warns of pitfalls for each method that could lead to disability instead of death, an important consideration that is too often ignored. The book benefits from limiting the content to methods for ending life. The Introduction clearly states that related issues, such as legal restrictions, wills, and management of family and care-givers, while critically important to those considering self-deliverance, are not explained here. This allows the author to do a more complete job of the topic at hand, which is practical methods.

Five Last Acts is both a major contribution to the field as well as an indispensable resource for people facing intolerable suffering. Docker shows compassion and exceptional courage by producing this controversial work. In doing so, he is preventing untold suffering. –

Phil Cheatle (Bristol UK) writes:
“This book is so outstanding at what it does that I will not lend it to anyone else. That is the highest accolade for a book of this type. If you are seeking the knowledge it offers, you will not be disappointed, The book goes as far as it can to alleviate my end of life fears. The book is well researched and very thorough in its coverage. It is not without faults – sometimes repetitive and poorly laid out. However, these faults are acknowledged, and the reasons explained by the author. He has made the right decision to publish in its current form in my opinion.

It is a very sad reflection on society that this book is necessary. Why do we allow more compassionate end of life treatment for our pets than our human loved ones?
I do not want to have to use the knowledge in this book. But unless I can be assured that my end of life wishes will be carried out by others, when the time comes, without them breaking the law, I will use a technique from this book… unless I suffer a sudden illness or accident which leaves me unable to do so. That is my remaining fear that no book can help with. Thank you, for your careful research and for having the courage to publish it.

Barbara Pearce writes:
“The information in this outstanding book was urgently needed in today’s world and is hugely appreciated by an increasing number of people who want to understand suicide. If we want and need to know the choices open to us at the end of life, then how can it be possible that the knowledge is condemned and obscured by government and the medical fraternity? The book (FLA The Exit Path) allows people to prepare and understand their choices at end of life. The book is practical, detailed and realistic. Perhaps I will never need the knowledge but I am relieved and thankful to have it all the same.

“For anyone interested (should the need arise) in taking control over one’s own destiny in the face of an incurable condition, this book covers it all. I have read many publications on the subject but never one with this much information. It’s literally as thick as 4 standard books. This book brought me a lot of comfort, knowing I have the knowledge and support by my side for the unpredictability of the future. Thanks to the author for his courage and hard work on writing this one. (From ‘Jon’)

This book goes beyond other books on the topic and reflects the author’s many years and expertise in the right to die. Authoritative and well-written. I highly recommend it. – Cheryl

Excellent book! Not only covers the much needed understanding of the physiological aspects of the human body but touches on psychology as well. I thought it a very well written book, which did a nice job balancing all aspects of end of life issues. – Kate

(All reviews have appeared on Amazon)

Thank you to all the people who have posted reveiws. It is very hard work researching this subject responsibly and the feedback is very encouraging. Chris Docker, author.

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