To sleep perchance to dream? and dream and dream?

internet scammer warning pictureDesperate for euthanasia? Losing your money to internet scammers is not the answer.

Websites abound taking advantage of people’s desperation. One person recently lost $800 after being promised Nembutal online (Nembutal is a brand name for pentobarbitone/pentobarbital, a barbiturate sometimes used for euthanasia).

Occasionally people do obtain genuine Nembutal, usually illegally through a Mexican pet store by saying it is to put a large animal to sleep (We don’t recommend even this method: some people have been arrested travelling through customs.)

None of the genuine right-to-die organisations sell Nembutal directly. Sometimes we see sites offering early Exit books such as Departing Drugs or Beyond Final Exit as a lure. These old books are not only 20 years old, they are out of print!

The four principal books on self-euthanasia are Five Last Acts II, Five Last Acts – the Exit Path, The Peaceful Pill, and Final Exit. They are all available on Amazon (the first two are by Exit, the second two by other organisations). They all recommend the use of helium as a main choice, and various other methods as a back-up. None of them sell Nembutal.

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  1. Mary Zeller says:

    Valuable information. Thank you.

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