A special treat for readers of ExitEuthanasia Blog

20150322_221231Free! (Or at least as free as we can make them.)

The peace of mind obtained from years and years of research, peer-reviewed and supported with the best medical experts and medical journals worldwide, carefully presented in the most comprehensive manuals on the subject. You cannot put a price on that. But although the research and publication of a 750-page book costs a lot of money, we realise that there are individuals who rationally need it but are unable to afford even the cover price.

Although our organisation runs on a shoe-string and is painfully short of funds, it is a vocation enterprise to reduce suffering at the end of life, and the fear of suffering. We can’t make books with fresh air, but for a few days we are making them available at a massively subsidised rate, less than half the normal cost price, through the Amazon store.

Since most people do not check the price of a book on a daily basis, by letting our Blog Subscribers know, we are effectively making the offer to you and your colleagues and loved ones. For details of the difference between the two books please see the “Publications” tab at the top of this page (Five Last Acts II, the purple cover, is more compact; Five Last Acts – The Exit Path is nearly twice the size with much more details).

The massively reduced list prices prices are available NOW on Amazon US; they should appear on other Amazon sites in the next day or two. (For instance, Five Last Acts – The Exit  Path usually retails at just under US$50. Just now it is about $22.50. Amazon and other retailers usually sell Five Last Acts II for between $35 and $40 but the current price is about $15. This is a one-off offer to get some very solid library books on self-deliverance methods. It is only on for a few days.

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  1. Our apologies to readers looking for the special sale prices on the UK and some of the European sites. We don’t have complete control over what Amazon charges of course. The special subsidized prices did indeed show up immediately on Amazon U.S. and some Amazon Europe sites but we were unable to make the giveaway prices take effect UK one. If you want to get the special sale discount anyway, you may want to order through the foreign ones and it will be delivered in just the same way. Just replace the “.co.uk” in web address with “.com” or “.de” (for instance, http://www.amazon.com/dp/1482594099 or http://www.amazon.de/dp/1453869379/). Best wishes, Chris Docker, EXIT. Ends at end of March.

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