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The Exit Newsletter, a quality magazine that goes to our worldwide membership, is off the press again at last! Our sense of responsibility means that Exit does not publish “how-to” instructions on the Internet although we do cover the subject with important news and analysis within the law, right here on the Blog.

Print materials are a different category. Attention span on printed materials is greater. It is easier to ensure that they only go to an intended audience (not to minors) and also kept for reference and reading leisure even without an internet connection.

Each issue of Exit Newsletter includes a broad spectrum of articles, both academic and light reading, but always with a focus on good life & good death. They include light philosophy, medical and legal articles, books and film reviews, but also, essentially, the latest scientific knowledge on self-deliverance. Exit’s reputation for thoroughness, established back in 1980, aims at empowering mature and responsible adults so they are in control (as far as is humanly possible) of their own destiny, as well as furthering research in the area.spring 2015ev 35(1) PAGE 01 (1)

Joining Exit is not something that can be undertaken rashly or impulsively – as every application is subject to a 12-week waiting period. (We are not an emergency service!) Even then, we never give one-to-one advice on self-deliverance. We work within the law and a strict code of ethics. But for members, we try to be a lifeline: not to opinion, however exalted, but to solid information and explicit updates that supplement the Five Last Acts series (always supported by actual case studies and scientific literature.)

The job has never been easy. This edition arrives rather late as our printers company decided to close shop and move to Spain! It is also on a new glossy white paper instead of the familiar black on yellow as suggested in the pictures, but this may be changed back again (black on yellow is supposedly the easiest to read). To all our print members, we apologise for the recent delays. To any potential members, you might like to browse the front page and contents of the current issue (click to enlarge). If you think you might wish to join Exit, there is a link here (then scroll down the left to find a link for an application form).

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