The Exit Path 2015: The most complete reference published, out now. Fully updated on nitrogen.

Five Last Acts The Exit Path 2015 front coverFive Last Acts: The Exit Path 2015 edition.
§ 822 pages.
§ over 100 illustrations and ‘how-to‘ diagrams.
§ Over 1000 references. § tables & charts .
§ Tips and checklists  § scientific evidence.

  • Over 100 pages on helium, completely up to date, with information on companies whose policies on “balloon gas helium” have changed and those that haven’t. alternative sources.
  • 23 pages devoted to nitrogen and options for obtaining and connecting up the “new” inert gas.
  • Updates chapter on compression (64pp.) with new cases and methods.
  • More than 135 pages on drugs used in self-euthanasia and obtaining them legally.
  • Expanded section with scientific data on ‘fringe’ or ‘borderline’ methods, including refusing food and drink, hydrogen sulphide, charcoal burners, drowning, hypothermia, firearms.
  • Social aspects of self-euthanasia, legalities in depth, consideration of others.
  • Preparing the mind for the moment of death (‘natural’ or otherwise), results of peer-reviewed studies.
  • Self-test: hidden dangers of future scenarios.
  • Self-euthanasia and dementia.
  • And much, much more. Information is explained in lay terms and alternatively in more technical terms. Other books say something else? Check our information and data sources, all contained in the book. Many ‘experts’ change their opinions after reading our in-depth analyses. A mammoth volume covering every aspect.
  • Authored by a full-time researcher with over 30 years experience and one of the world’s few professionals in the field working full-time studying self-deliverance, trained in analysis, with a postgraduate Masters Degree in Law & Ethics in Medicine, the Director of Exit, and experience of running hands-on workshops for ten years.
  • A book you can trust. Click here for reviews and testimonials on Amazon from the previous edition. Click the illustration above to purchase now.
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