A small site update (we’ve added a few FAQ’s)

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 19.36.00Just a quick post to let regular readers know we have updated the reference pages on the top menu to include an FAQ.

These Frequently Asked Questions will be updated or added to occasionally. If you have a question that you think a lot of people might ask, feel free to suggest it. We’ll answer time permitting if we feel it will be both helpful and appropriate.

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4 Responses to A small site update (we’ve added a few FAQ’s)

  1. Ronald Keith says:

    I don’t understand the website; three quarters of the screen is blank and only one quarter on the RHS has text. Am I missing most of the text ?

  2. Rocio says:

    I want to belong to the blog

    • Joining the blog for free updates is an automated process. Just add your email address to the box in the right-hand column and follow the automated instructions (we don’t subscribe or unsubscribe you as the process is part of the automated software on WordPress, which hosts our blog).

  3. Try clicking “Home” or any of the links at the top or the right hand side. If you are still not seeing anything much, then you probably need to update your browser.

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