“I’m Not Afraid”

"I'm Not Afraid"For two and a half years, documentary filmmaker Fadi Hindash followed a psychiatrist as he assists one of his patients with her suicide. It is her story, as well as that of her doctor, facing the reality that helping his patient die is the only way to save her. Fadi Hindash is an award-winning filmmaker of both fiction and documentary work.

The film-makers have now released a very moving extended trailer that our readers may enjoy (please click on the photo or the link at the end of this post).

One of the complications in the movie is that this is a film about the before-during-and-after an assisted suicide, but it involves the controversial area of mental suffering.

Mrs. L suffered severe anxiety disorder all her life. She spent her days alone, heavily medicated and forty years of mental illness isolated her to the extent of having no family or friends. That lonely existence is in complete contrast to Dr. Polak’s life. His is packed with friends, grandchildren, birthday dinners and colleagues.

Despite his active social life, Dr. Polak has built an emotional wall around himself. He is a man who cherishes his freedom above all else. But as he witnesses Mrs. L embrace death without fear, he begins to re-evaluating what freedom means to him personally.

As we know only too well, independent films like this take money to finish, so Fadi Hindash has asked Exit to share with our readers some of the ways you can support the final editing stage (details also in the link).“But isn’t Exit seeking funding to complete Exit’s own movie,” I here you ask? Indeed we are: but can we in all honesty ask you to support our project and ignore another which may be equally worthy? Have a look . . .

For more about “I’m Not Afraid” and a remarkable four-minute mini-trailer, go to:


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1 Response to “I’m Not Afraid”

  1. I’m very happy that someone is making a documentary about rational suicide.
    I live in the U.S.,and as a whole, we are moving backwards towards suicide.
    The only thing I’ve noticed, is that Dr. ‘s, ask if you have an Advanced Directive. Therefore letting individuals Know they have the right to stop, and/or, refuse Any treatment. Most importantly keep you “comfortable”.
    I’m broke, but when I have a few extra $, I will be supporting this film.
    I’ve wanted to end my physical and mental problems,for atleast the last 5 yrs. Existing is Not the same as Living!
    Thank you for putting “suicide” in a different context, so people, hopefully, will see the other side.

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