Our first all colour issue

for-blog-front-pagePrint subscribers were treated to our first all-colour issue last month and feedback so far has been great!

We have to balance costs carefully so every penny we spend has t0 be justified under the benefits it brings to our members. A colour magazine is more expensive than a black and white one, but when we took it as a proportion of overall costs including postage the difference turned out to be miniscule.For legal reasons, we can put far more explicit information in the magazine than we can in the online Blog, but here’s a round up of the latest one (Volume 36 No.1) for those who are interested –

Helium climbs back  The current situation analysed and the likelihood of helium tanks being ‘diluted’ with air. USA vs Europe.
Quote/unquote A round up of moving, inspiring or eye-opening quotations from the best in literature, the medical press and philosophy
Advancing discussion (by David Donnison) The illustrious social science professor from Glasgow looks at some options for real progress
Standing firm   (by Ken Jones) examines meditation techniques clinically proven that can help in facing inevitable death in the best possible way
Off the bookshelf  Our round-up of some books of interest
Unsung birth of the helium method  Helium brought a new era to self-euthanasia, but who brought us helium?
Rising costs of death  You’ve worked out your insurance policy and how to take things into your own hands should the need ever arise: but have you factored in the cost?
Eavesdropping on your decisions?  Emailing someone about your end of life decisions? When government invasions of privacy can mean you door can be forced open.
The good news on helium  A run down of what’s what, and a simplified approach to nitrogen euthanasia
The Carloway decision  Technical analysis of the Scottish legal decision and what it really means
Death as inspiration  A famous motivational speech on why we shouldn’t fear death
Living wills 7-step scenario  A compact reference guide to approaching this important document, condensed from our new membership pack
An organic burial suit  Really? where art meets dying well
Nitro USA  Some statistics on the American take-up on the ‘new nitrogen method’
Private dying & staying safe  How to protect yourself from prying eyes
AGM report  It’s feels quite informal, but follows a strict methodology to ensure that all cost undertakings are measured in terms of benefits to our paid-up print  members
Heart of Darkness  wrestling with death through one of the most powerful novels of all time
Needless inconvenience (H28)  They make it sound so simple (yes it can be – except when it goes horribly wrong!)
Self-deliverance costs compared  A rough answer to financial aspects

The print magazine is aimed at mature adults who want more specific, practical information to look at the long term of having a safety strategy, a “key to the door marked ‘Exit.'” If it is news and updates you are looking for, those are available free from many sources, including this Blog (please scroll down the right-hand side for links to online news information from professional bodies and sister organisations). You will also find a search box to look for specific blogs on particular subjects and some links to various laws around the world.

A big thank you again, both to out Blog and Print subscribers, for all your feedback and support!

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2 Responses to Our first all colour issue

  1. Terry says:

    How do I subscribe or obtain an issue?
    Is Mexico still a viable option to acquire Nmbtl and return to US? Are border agents confiscating purchases, or requiring bribes, as d humphrey remarked recently?

  2. Subscription is relatively straightforward: http://www.euthanasia.cc/new_app.html. We would suggest you read the form carefully before sending it off. It is helpful to include proof of age.

    We do not actually recommend the Mexico option as availability changes so frequently, and prosecution, extortion and scams are a constant possibility, It is possible, but requires much dedication and quite a bit of risk. Derek Humphry is on the ground in the U.S. and quite correct in my opinion for issuing such warnings, though others still take that route.

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