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Life in dying

No-one can really feel the pain of another when a loved one dies. Or the the moment that another experiences and feels in the minutes and seconds before that person dies. But does it have to be such a bad … Continue reading

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Another year, and for some a final rest

We salute some of the beautiful friends-in-spirit who decide about their Exit this year. Betsy Davis threw a farewell party with friends and family in July. It was her way to say goodbye before becoming one of the first California … Continue reading

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Our first all colour issue

Print subscribers were treated to our first all-colour issue last month and feedback so far has been great! We have to balance costs carefully so every penny we spend has t0 be justified under the benefits it brings to our … Continue reading

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Carloway: clarity or confusion?

ExitEuthanasia Blog has been receiving emails about eleven short words spoken by this man on 19 February this year. “It is not a crime ‘to assist’ another to commit suicide.” Really? 61-year-old Colin Sutherland was a graduate of Edinburgh University … Continue reading

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The essence of a good death

At its core, perhaps we can say death is two things: what it means to the person who dies, and what it means to the people who will remember. Two days ago in Austin, Texas, a young student, 20-year-old Richard … Continue reading

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Death becomes human (last chance!)

Death: the Human Experience is available now and until March 13th 2016 at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. With spectacular artefacts, it asks visitors to consider the science, ethics, attitudes and process of death, as well as the variety … Continue reading

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“I’m Not Afraid”

For two and a half years, documentary filmmaker Fadi Hindash followed a psychiatrist as he assists one of his patients with her suicide. It is her story, as well as that of her doctor, facing the reality that helping his … Continue reading

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What is “appropriate” dying?

Instead of a set of rules where “one size fits all”, or wordily-phrased “rights”, psychologists have looked at a different model: one of, “Is this an appropriate death?” The most common scenario, where laws are proposed based on certain check-boxes … Continue reading

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Afraid of dying?

Earlier this year on this Blog, we added the strapline, Taking away the fear of death. Fear of dying badly is one aspect, hence Exit’s original mission; fear of everything coming to an end is also an aspect. Knowing how … Continue reading

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Can breathing inert gas rupture the lungs?

A correspondent recently contacted us with an unusual concern. He had read that breathing helium could rupture the lungs: hardly a peaceful death! Helium is an inert gas and perfectly pleasant to breathe (though dangerous as it can produce unconsciousness … Continue reading

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Suicide and impulsivity

What can be done to help people to make rational choices? Abolitionists will say, “What about people who die who shouldn’t?” One should never advise or encourage anyone to commit suicide. In fact dissuading is part of the ‘right-to-die’ remit, … Continue reading

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