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Lighter than (only some) air . . .

The helium debate has reignited. One major manufacturer has announced that all their “balloon helium” will now be supplied as an 80/20 helium-air mixture. As helium has been a principal method of choice in rational self-euthanasia for several years, this … Continue reading

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A special treat for readers of ExitEuthanasia Blog

Free! (Or at least as free as we can make them.) The peace of mind obtained from years and years of research, peer-reviewed and supported with the best medical experts and medical journals worldwide, carefully presented in the most comprehensive … Continue reading

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To sleep perchance to dream? and dream and dream?

Desperate for euthanasia? Losing your money to internet scammers is not the answer. Websites abound taking advantage of people’s desperation. One person recently lost $800 after being promised Nembutal online (Nembutal is a brand name for pentobarbitone/pentobarbital, a barbiturate sometimes … Continue reading

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Assisted (costs of) suicide

Most people agree that every person has the right to seek happiness in their own way, and to live life, even choosing the time and manner of death, in the way that they would wish. In Switzerland, any citizen can … Continue reading

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Living wills again

Exit’s main work is associated with research into self-deliverance (“self-euthanasia” or “rational suicide” as it is also referred to). Yet along the way, living wills have also been a major area of research. We published the first volume of Collected … Continue reading

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The choice to face your choices

What does choice mean when you visit a website such as this? Often we talk about choice as if it is something that is a right, something we believe in, or something we want to have. It rather implies that … Continue reading

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EXIT: The Self-Euthanasia Movie

Deep emotions. Self-examination. Joy and seriousness. A roomful of people gathered together last week to spend the day familiarizing themselves not just with ‘methods of self-euthanasia’ (helium and other techniques), but facing the fears, breaking taboos, finding a new community … Continue reading

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The things that become important

Some of the questions in life can be downright scary. Take death, for instance! We know it’s going to happen yet we do so little about it. When the time comes, sometimes everything happens in a rush. For this Blog … Continue reading

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Realising oneself in life and in death

You have a “right” to choose when and how you die and, unless you have been incarcerated, it is not that easy to take the right away from you. Whether you use it wisely is another matter. Whether you manage … Continue reading

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Exit welcomes CPP clarifications

A statement issued last week by the new Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, clarifies the Guidance of the Crown Prosecution Service (England & Wales), and eases some of the fears of doctors and others in the medical profession over … Continue reading

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The ethics of euthanasia, our books, this website, right or wrong?

In almost every religion and philosophical system, the right to life and the right to live the way we want to as long as it does not interfere with the same rights of others, is something universally respected. I don’t … Continue reading

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