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Ruminations of the Ancients

Classical philosophy, Socrates and stuff, has occasionally had the reputation of being rather dry. But could it actually have the power to get to the heart of our feelings about death and dying? There are many studies that go far … Continue reading

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Carloway: clarity or confusion?

ExitEuthanasia Blog has been receiving emails about eleven short words spoken by this man on 19 February this year. “It is not a crime ‘to assist’ another to commit suicide.” Really? 61-year-old Colin Sutherland was a graduate of Edinburgh University … Continue reading

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Afraid of dying?

Earlier this year on this Blog, we added the strapline, Taking away the fear of death. Fear of dying badly is one aspect, hence Exit’s original mission; fear of everything coming to an end is also an aspect. Knowing how … Continue reading

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A special treat for readers of ExitEuthanasia Blog

Free! (Or at least as free as we can make them.) The peace of mind obtained from years and years of research, peer-reviewed and supported with the best medical experts and medical journals worldwide, carefully presented in the most comprehensive … Continue reading

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Living wills again

Exit’s main work is associated with research into self-deliverance (“self-euthanasia” or “rational suicide” as it is also referred to). Yet along the way, living wills have also been a major area of research. We published the first volume of Collected … Continue reading

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