Legal resources . . .

Links to relevant statutes etc are listed in the right hand column on the main page of this blog. Please scroll down and select the item you need.

Living Will / Advance Directive resources . . .

Many people are confused about living wills (a legally enforceable document allowing you (in a nutshell) to refuse ‘heroic measures.’ With a simple document, all you need to do is fill in your details. A more involved document gives you better protection but takes much more time and thought to complete. Exit members receive both types of document in a New Member’ Pack. Here’s a downloadable guide on using living wills:
Seven Step Model Scenario for living wills

Self-deliverance resources . . .

For more information on our self-deliverance books (techniques explained), newsletters, and workshops, please click on ‘Publications’ on the menu at the top of this page. Only Exit members can apply to attend our workshops. The workshops are held from time-to-time across the U.K. an are full-day, hands-on empowerment sessions. Please note that they are not the same as the workshops run by “Exit International” which are simple, two-hour, illustrated lectures.

Assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia resources . . . (other countries)

If you live in a country that does not provide these, it is generally not possible to visit another country – the Netherlands for instance – to receive euthanasia (a peaceful injection). Although non-residents are often not barred, the rules usually state that the doctor must have known the patient for a long time, so in practice it is not possible to travel for the sake of obtaining voluntary euthanasia.

An exception is Switzerland. The main organization which will, help foreigners is well-known – it is called Dignitas. They have an easy-to-find website with lots of information and a free guide about their services. (Including information in English.) Be warned that the costs can be very considerable and also that a lot of detailed paperwork may involved. (Please note we do not liaise for you with Dignitas – they are a separate group.) There are also some other similar, smaller organizations in Switzerland.

In some parts of America, physician-assisted suicide is legal for residents. Contact the relevant organizations in your State.

Various organizations, and avoiding scams...

Exit is completely independent of other organizations, including those with similar names that came about after Exit’s inception in 1980. We cannot comment on other societies’ publications or their recommendations. We can, however, point out that there are only two main other genuine groups that are involved in research and/or publishing material on self-euthanasia. These are (1) Derek Humphry with Final Exit Network, and (2) Philip Nitschke with Exit International.

If you examine the literature you will quickly see the differences in approach and you may even wish to read all of them. Our books differ in the amount of detail and carefully annotated scientific resources. If our assertions differ from those in other books, you can read the evidence for our position in the footnotes and appendices. Occasionally, when there has been a serious academic challenge, we publish a detailed answer. (This has happened in the case of certain drugs or physical methods where our detractors had overlooked critical evidence.) Ascertaining peaceful methods of dying is not a democracy: it is a science and an art. We encourage every person to study it carefully based on evidence, for knowing is one of the factors that takes away the fear of dying – and paradoxically, it can also give a person the courage to live longer.

Nembutal scams

Unless you have personally been prescribed nembutal by a doctor, in person (not online) and with a valid prescription, we would advise against trying to obtain illegally, especially through the internet. There are dozens of authentic-looking websites ready to take money from the gullible for worthless substances, charging an extortionate amount for the promise of nembutal. Some of the FAKE sites commonly found include:

  • Barbiturate Pharmacy  https :// getbarbiturates . com FAKE!
  • Buy Nembutal On-Line  http:// www. buynembutal .online FAKE!
  • Dr Hardy, Peaceful Pill Directory  https:// Peacefulpilldirectory .com FAKE!
  • Euthanasia International  https:// www. euthanint .org FAKE!
  • Final Exit   finalexit .net FAKE!
  • Glorious End  https:// gloriousend .com/ buying-nembutal- online FAKE!
  • Pentobarbital Online Store  http:// onlinepentobarbital .com/tag/nembutal-sodium-suppliers-eu/ FAKE!
  • Peaceful Pills www. peacefullpill. com FAKE!

(I have added spaces in the URLs so that the unwary don’t click on the links)

As you can see, many of the scam websites use names that are similar to genuine sites but with a simple spelling alteration or a different domain. Additionally, there are dozens of online scams using a ‘confidential’ email address. The desperate search for barbiturates online is a false trail. Avoid!