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An unusual death by cyanide

As the organisation behind such publications as Departing Drugs and Five Last Acts II, Exit receives many queries about methods of suicide. Cyanide is one of those drugs that has been shrouded in mystery and drama since the days of World … Continue reading

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Workshops warn dangers chemical suicide

Rational suicide using a tank of helium and a helium hood in a car (in a secluded place where discovery and interruption is unlikely) is a peaceful and painless method if anyone should be in a situation where suffering has … Continue reading

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Chemicals suicide vs helium gas death

Exit doesn’t publish ‘how-to’ information on its website – that is reserved for the literature and workshops. But a twenty second google search will tell you how to end your life with helium. Only slightly longer is needed to find … Continue reading

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Suicide by painful chemical gas – not the way to go!

Exit has received information that persons are resorting to risky methods of rational (or irrational) suicide. The trend to use chemicals began in third-world countries and with information coming from Japan, but appears to be spreading to the Western world. … Continue reading

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