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Terminal, unbearably ill, or ‘just’ tired of life?

A number of news stories these past few days have highlighted differences between ‘right-to-die’ groups and also the myths perpetrated by the ‘pro-life’ groups. An elderly, arthritic woman dies at the Zurich assisted suicide clinic; an elderly woman being evicted … Continue reading

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Edinburgh festival tackles assisted suicide

The Arts can sometimes let us see things differently, more clearly than any amount of words. This year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) has no less than three films dealing with the dilemmas of rational suicide and assisted suicide. Third … Continue reading

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Home-made helium suicide of man with depression

A father of several children had meticulously planned his own suicide an inquest heard last Thursday, June 17 using helium. 46-year-old Joseph Phoenix used a plastic bag, a head band, and tubing linked to a helium bottle. Before ending his … Continue reading

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