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Do you plan ahead?

Exit is mostly about how to end your life in circumstances of unbearable and unrelievable suffering. But once we’ve got the mechanics of self-deliverance as second-knowledge, once we’ve made our peace with ourselves and others, there are still a million … Continue reading

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Exit launches updated living will

Advance directives, or “living wills” as they are commonly called, attempt to permit individuals to have a voice in situations where they are otherwise unable to control what is done to them. When they first appeared, they simply tried to … Continue reading

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Living wills – alleged mercy killings and starvation – limits of self-deliverance

In a debate that all too-frequently becomes polarised, living wills (or advance directives as they are also called), used to be a familiar battle ground. ‘Pro-life’ and ‘Pro-choice’ campaigners would line up on opposite sides of the fence. Things have … Continue reading

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