There are many sources of information about self-deliverance on the Internet or in books. Exit specialises in information backed up by extensive, published scientific evidence.

Leaders in self-deliverance (rational suicide)

  • In 1980, EXIT published How to Die With Dignity. This was the first ever guide to self-deliverance anywhere in the world.
  • In 1993, EXIT published Departing Drugs. A breakthrough in scientifically researched information on self-deliverance. It exposed shortcomings in popular knowledge about:
    • Bag size when using plastic bags and drugs – the crucial difference the right size bag can make
    • Bag materials when using plastic bags and drugs – explaining why some suicides failed even though popular instructions had been followed to the letter.
  • In 1995, EXIT published Beyond Final Exit. For the first time, scientific errors concerning the dangerous use of certain over-the-counter suicide drugs were exposed, and more accurate knowledge regarding their correct use made public.
  • In 2007, EXIT published Five Last Acts. This pioneering book showed a variety of safe, dignified means to bring one’s life to a close and, for the first time in any self-deliverance guide, explained how to use compression for a peaceful end in an emergency situation (such as confinement in hospital) where methods such as helium would be impossible.
  • In 2010, the second, greatly expanded version, Five Last Acts II, became a new standard. It responded to critics, providing new evidence to solidify and support the techniques it had pioneered in the first edition, reassuring readers worldwide of a peaceful, dignified death. Hailed as, “the most comprehensive guide to self-deliverance techniques available,” it quickly became a new standard. With more pages than other leading manuals put together, Five Last Acts II breaks new ground in comprehensiveness and reliability. Its knowledge is supported by over 400 scientific citations, allowing the reader to confirm that accuracy of its data.
  • In 2013, The Exit Path, the major textbook on self-deliverance, is published worldwide.
  • In 2015, leading specialist notes published from our conference seminar, Self-euthanasia, methods & dialogues.

We don’t just say, “Trust me, I’m a doctor:” we prove to you, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the information provided by us is information you can count on. And, when it comes to orchestrating your own departure from this life, that’s exactly what you need.

By supporting EXIT, you support the research that facilitates empowerment, for people living now and tomorrow, empowerment that allows an individual to choose the time and manner of their own death. That empowerment can allow us all to lead happier and more fulfilled lives, secure in the knowledge of how to handle an unknown future.

People have been trying to change the law since 1935. It’s a long wait. We are the organisation that cares about what happens to people now, and in the years to come before aid-in-dying is available to all those who validly seek it.