Rational suicide (including helium)

Helium has been the most popular method of choice for those considering rational suicide. Distressing (or likely to be distressing) methods of suicide, such as hanging, shooting, wrist slashing, household chemicals, tend to be used by those who are not making well-considered decisions in the face of unbearable and unrelievable illness.

For our position on ‘methods’ not listed in our publications, please see here.

Please note (April 2015): A major gas supplier is now supplying canisters of “helium balloon gas” that contains only 80 per cent helium. These are unsuitable for ending one’s life, should that day come and the need arise.
(Note that it is only Balloon Time (manufactured by Worthington) that have officially changed their policy in many countries to a helium ‘mix.’ Other other party balloon kits, such as ‘Balloon Occasion’ manufactured by BOC are unaffected. BOC’s data sheets still specify their balloon gas at the original, unmixed purity. 8/May/’15.) This website is a blog, so the most up-to-date information is in the most recent posts. For instance, on helium

see here and here

Rational suicide is not overly difficult. We would prefer that those can find value, quality and dignity in their life, no matter how severe the circumstances appear just now, seek support and help as soon as possible – after all, what have you got to lose? This site is aimed first and foremost to those who want rational insurance against an unknown future, and the ability to take matters into their own hands should they decide the time has come to end their days. Exit does not encourage anyone to end their life by suicide: but in the event that a person has made a conscious, competent, well-informed and persistent decision, free of influence from anyone else, and is so determined that nothing anyone else could say will make any difference: in such circumstances, we sincerely hope that such persons find a less painful, less undignified, less distressing means of consummating their final act.

Exit provides comprehensive information on methods of rational suicide but for reasons of common sense and the law we provide this in group workshops, in our graphic magazine for members (Exit Newsletter) and in our published book series, Five Last Acts; not on a one-to-one personal basis, over the phone, or by email. This website includes tips and additional information to assist persons with the information, complementing such information with the latest news and updates. It is not, however, intended as a complete guide in itself.

The main dignified and peaceful methods used by persons facing unbearable and unrelievable conditions are a) helium, b) compression of the arteries, c) sleeping tablets used with a hood, prescription and non-prescription medicines, and willed refusal of liquids and food. While all these methods are capable of producing a dignified death, some are harder than others. We recommend any responsible adult to consult either our comprehensive books on the subject or do research using other available materials.

Persons conducting more in-depth research into the methods might be interested in the larger of our larger textbooks, The Exit Path, which examines different approaches to the use of helium for rational suicide (self-deliverance).

Thousands of people draw strength just from our publications. They say that knowing how to take control gives them courage to face the future with its many unknowns. They will probably never have to take matters into their own hands but, as with insurance policies, it’s good to know you have some cover, something to help you make back-up plans, should the worst eventuality ever come to pass.

We are all going to die one day, and the fear of death or dying can haunt us in our later years. Knowledge is the best antidote to fear. It dispels the darkness of ignorance and puts us back in control – or at least restores more control than we had before in most cases. It gives us a choice. It can restore our courage. The will to live is so strong that in all but the most exceptional cases it will prevail until the end. But if you regard your life as special (as it is), if you are the sort of person who likes to be in charge of their own life, then the final segment should be one of your own choosing.

It is important to understand the realities. Various factors can mean a very undignified or painful death (whether naturally, in medical care or by one’s own hand) and other factors can mean a good, peaceful and fulfilling end to life – again, whether naturally, with the help of medicine, or even bringing it a little closer to a time and manner of one’s own choosing. A person’s death is not even limited to their own experience: as the crowning event of your life, it will live on in memory for those that you love. Making that memory one of conscious control and freedom from indignity and pain is an important consideration for many of us.

Knowing the ins and outs of using helium alone is not a complete solution. There may be circumstances that would make it impossible or very difficult. There are also important considerations about relationships, social practicalities and making the most of available medicine. Even with these covered, there may still be the psychological factors – fear of all “this” – one’s life, one’s consciousness – coming to a complete end. While most of Exit’s work, research and written material focuses on methods of rational suicide, these additional factors are not ignored.

We don’t recommend a ‘quick fix.’ We recommend choosing one of our publications and reading it several times to absorb it. By doing that today, you can insure for the future.

Helium is the most popular method of self-deliverance among members of right-to-die groups. But helium cannot be used, for instance, in a hospital or situations where other might interfere. With manufacturers and retailers contaminating some supplies with air, other inert gases will be more frequently sought. Most of use do not know exactly what the future will bring.

We recommend you prepare for more than one ‘exit’ – depending on your freedom of movement, abilities to swallow, mental alertness, whether in a nursing home/hospital, and your overall physical state and support. Our ‘Five Last Acts’ gives you options from which you can be Free to Choose … and in doing so choose a PEACEFUL DIGNIFIED DEATH.


The 2015 update of Five Last Acts II includes the warning about helium, mostly applicable to balloon kits purchased from April 2015. The 2015 edition of  Five Last Acts The Exit Path (822 pages), due mid to late May 2015, includes in-depth examination of the changes regarding helium and a very detailed look at nitrogen alternatives. The conference brochure, Methods & Dialogues, (below centre) is based on a 2014 seminar and of interest mainly to persons who are already familiar with either edition of Five Last Acts and similar publications. (Note: Amazon is selling older editions at a very greatly reduced price in some countries, extending our special offer to readers of this Blog.)


The 2015 edition of Five Last Acts II (green background, above) has some small updates to reflect the changed situation on helium. The 2015 edition of Five Last Acts – The Exit Path, a major new update (blue background, above) includes very detailed analysis, references and exposition on both helium and nitrogen. See the Publications Page of this Blog for more details.

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57 Responses to Rational suicide (including helium)

  1. Richard Queener says:

    I am 83 years old with several health issues, the exit bag seems the best alternative in my case.

    • Edward says:

      Just make sure you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the procedure, Richard. It is simple enough, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. I purchased the “Five Last Acts” book, so I am now confident about my ability to successfully complete two of the deliverance methods (Compression and Helium). I wish you all the very best, and always remember, it is YOUR life, so do not let anybody tell you how to live it or end it.

      • M says:

        What is compression? I know helium. I’m unable at the moment to purchase the “Five Last Acts”. I’d like to be educated in all forms of peaceful ways out to say. I have been digging around the webs and am unable to find this book.

      • Links to books by Exit as well as other organisations can be found on Google or in the sidebar

    • Ep248 says:

      I am very happy there are people out there really helping people

  2. Sam says:

    Thank you, for your support. The stigma that surrounds suicide is wrong and in no way helpful to those struggling with this difficult decision. Many people will commit suicide, but just like abortion, many will suffer until it is a legal procedure that can be done in a safe manner, without shame or embarrassment, by a medical professional .

    • Gess says:

      There are empirical facts in this matter, some of which are diluted by large scale irrationality. We know for a fact that many individuals whose suffering is greater than their thirst for life wish to take their own life, and often do so foolishly when cornered. Sometimes intentionally foolishly, as an act of protest; a final cry for help on behalf of all those who are suffering.

      Running in front of a train is not an obvious or easy way to end your life, contrary to popular belief. It requires very strong motivation and it’s sad that people are pressured to this point in 2015.

      The most desirable solution, as demonstrated and documented in many cases, is to provide both the option of treatment and the option of ending one’s life rationally, which was also reported to increase the subject’s likelihood of opting for treatment. This blog and it’s support is incredibly valuable for this reason.

      It is a matter of time and education. All ideas are met with resistance, regardless of their virtue, and grasped only by the gifted few. I was glad to read the other comments, as this subject seems to unite similar minds.

      With that in mind: Have you, dear reader, considered the possibility that you are mentally gifted? This is a term used not only to describe people with a high IQ, but also a specific group of highly rational individuals with exceptional talents, intellectual drive and an autonomous learning style.

    • John says:

      It is a real shame that there is not somewhere that people who are of sound mind if they want to can commit suicide e.g. your Doctor. Personally the bag method looks the best for me, but if I ever worry I cannot complete it properly I will likely go to Dignitas. I would prefer to do this at home though in my own house if possible. I am of sound mind and know exactly what I want and do not want some do gooder trying to stop me when the time comes.

      • jkris205 says:

        You must be of sound mind,and half dead,before Dignitas will consider your case!?It cost me CDA$ 400 of membership to find that out,that it’s not enough for you to be ready to die,but you have to comply with the strict Swiss laws,and like I said,be already half dead!?And they didn’t refound my money either!!!

  3. C says:

    I think the stigma around suicide, and at the fact that at various times it has been considered criminal or sinful, stems from the damage caused to loved ones by distressing methods. If this emotional damage were unneccessary – or at least, mitigated – by the availability of a genuinely peaceful and well-thought-out method, the concept of rational suicide might be better accepted and the use of distressing methods would shrink to those who either were sadly not rational at the time, or in some way vengeful towards themselves or others.

  4. C says:

    And yes, like Sam, I think that the argument is similar to abortion – both are uncomfortable decisions that must never be taken lightly; but in a civilised free society we must also have the right to informed choice. Unlike Sam, I think that the involvement of medical professionals on a large scale (ie, government regulated) basis is ultimately likely to result in less choice, rather than more through the emergence of societal/economic pressure to end “unproductive” lives. Better to have a legal, available method that the majority of those who wish it – other than the most ill or disabled, who will of course require assistance – can do for themselves.

  5. Gary says:

    Yes, I agree with you. I am fifty eight and have numerous health, financial problems etc. I saw both my parents have lingering deaths in old age I hope that I do not exit the world in the same way!

    • Jeni says:

      I too saw both my parents, especially my father linger and suffer, my mum, although with no real recognisable health problems (I think the doctors just couldn’t work out how to help her) used to look at me with such fear in her eyes as if to say ‘is this it?’ in and out of hospital with random, non fatal complaints making her last few years hell on earth… Have you purchased the book advertised on here? It may help as it is concise and well explained. I hope you find the answer you are looking for….

      • Paul says:

        Totally agreed. I don’t understand at all why ‘society’ says ‘all suicide is bad, any alternative is better’, no matter how unpleasant, unwanted, and miserable.

  6. Jon Vincent says:

    We are humane with our sick and elderly animals and can chose to put them out of their misery. Why can’t we be as humane with people? I suppose as long as the religious zealots believe in the myth that is religion it will never happen. A crime really.

  7. Gary says:

    I absolutely agree with you. Religion (all this nonsense) continues to be so harmful in this day and age. It would be rational and humane to stop people suffering in the way that sick animals are helped out of their misery.

    • PJM says:

      And to let each choose for him/her self !

    • John says:

      I believe in God not the religious organisations who make up their own rules and pretend they know God. Also if I want to choose my own death before misery then why not? I have not lost my mind and know exactly what I want.

      • Jon Vincent says:

        I couldn’t agree more. All that is done in the name of Religion is in and of itself absolutely ridiculous. For what are suppose to be bright people we surely can do some stupid things and believe in the unbelievable. I plan to end my own life when the time is right for me. Right now I have researched it pretty thoroughly and I believe the best way is the helium. Where are the Jack Kevorkian’s when you need them? This world has become too outrageously ridiculous!!

  8. There is no way if I was an animal I would be continuing to suffer on as I am I would at least appreciate to have the availability of this option of a good death it would give me comfort and may even help me just knowing it was a possibility if things were either not to improve or get any worse i do not wish to become or remain as vulnerable as I am and reliant on others to survive it is not a life sadly I wrote my thesis on euthanasia many years ago never expecting in my thirties I would be wishing for it to be legalised but I now believe it should be

    • Elizabeth Perrott says:

      I think the argument against suicide and assisted dying has far more to do with the fear of it being used for financial and property reasons that it does religion.

      • Dianne says:

        Yet, on the other hand we have the big pharma corporations that rakes in billions from very ill people! Humane suicide would affect their profit margin.

  9. Teena Swinburne says:

    Dignity, peace, calmness, level headed decisions and choice in the face of adversity. Why are all these things denied to us?

  10. Jon Vincent says:

    I can’t imagine having a life threatening illness so young. But, like you, I believe that death with dignity should be OUR choice and not be banned because of a bunch of religious zealots. Our beloved animals don’t have to suffer, why should we. Too barbaric!

  11. chuck says:

    I had a beautiful dear friend who died peacefully with prescribed morphine and guidance from hospice. I hadn’t realized it but maybe this is a viable option for the terminally ill.

  12. Maarten Pennink says:

    Very well phrased. The notion that one can dispel or at least push back the sense of fear, so prevalent in our society is encouraging. Also, the public acknowledgement that it is “my” body and therefore, one needs to make the final decision if at all possible an essential part of the end phase.
    All of us need to focus on life in a productive sense – that’s the life worth living. When that fades away it may well be time to recognize: “When the party is over, the party is over!”
    It is difficult imagining that the members of one’s family and friends want to remember one for the months and even years in a debilitating state. The threshold should be crossed gracefully and thoughtfully speedy.

  13. Dee says:

    reading this, and all the following comments; i suddenly feel at home. I am looking forward to learning.

  14. Andromeda says:

    Seems strange that sick animals are helped off the planet by vets, but we aren’t allowed to end our miserable existences because of the viral mental conditions of religion and those who want to control us.

  15. Kenan Yesil says:

    Need info on how to get books mentioned in your article. Also about helium canisters suppliers. Living overseas not in USA

    • All our books are available through the Amazon sites of various countries and also good booksellers. Some details on canisters in the blog article; however we do not give one-to-one info or how-to instructions on the Blog, as explained. Please see this post and look out for subsequent ones on nitrogen.

  16. martin says:

    When exactly is the balloon time cylinder mixed with air from ?.
    I have a BT tank from around a year ago, would this still be OK to use ?
    Thank you.

    • There’s at least two difficulties here. We cannot speak for Balloon Time or Worthington, but what we did do was a search on their data sheets using the Internet Wayback machine. Balloon Time stated as policy on their website that from April their tanks would be supplied with the new “balloon mix” gas. Their data sheet reflected this. Worthington had changed their specification for balloon gas a couple of months before this, as close as can be seen from comparing earlier versions of the page containing their data sheet.

      There is another problem (or two) but there is also some less than bad news. If a helium tank is diluted with 20 per cent air, that means that it is still about 95 per cent inert gas (Since air is made up, very roughly of 20 per cent oxygen and 80 per cent nitrogen:
      If you look at charts on the effects of anoxia (lack of oxygen) from either the medical literature or the gas companies, it’s pretty close to a lethally small amount of oxygen anyway.

      The less than good news is that it is easy to think in terms of absolutes that aren’t there. The legal and practical expectation that balloon gas suppliers adhere to is that the product is “fit for purpose”: in other words, it will float balloons. There is not much necessity for manufacturers to specify the exact composition. Their data sheets, from any period, are therefore just a guide. They might drop the percentage of helium to 60 and balloons would still float, and if they add “Hi Float” (a noxious substance that sticks to the inside of the balloon to make it stay afloat longer) they could actually get the percentage right down. Is every tank the same? Clearly not. Hundreds of people have used their cylinders over the past years for self-euthanasia and there have only been very isolated incidences of failure (remember some false reports were also spread by abolitionists). So rather than Worthington, or even Balloon Time, it could be the case that local distributors go against those companies official recommendations. (I’ll probably put some more comments in a general post on the Blog when I get a moment, but the best detailed info is in the new version of Five Last Acts – The Exit Path).

  17. Leon says:

    I’m really, truly glad there are more people realizing that for some people, in certain circumstances, be it chronic pain or inherited debt or any one of life’s incredibly complicated situations, knowing you can end it whenever you want is a huge relief.
    Many of those who argue against suicide have never truly felt the desperation that drives people to it, believing their first-world problems of broken iPads and bad grades are as bad as it gets. Unfortunately there are also many that romanticize or dramaticize their suicide, for attention or narcissism.
    Like some have said before, these issues like abortion and euthanasia are important moral questions, but boils down to quality of life. Why bring another person to suffer when you don’t have the money or even patience to treat them well? Why deny someone who is suffering the solace of a final rest?
    Some say dying with dignity is impossible. But for us who still care about the people around us, and have stuck around to spare them pain, its important to not scar them forever. Whether you do it or not, having the option is an incredible consolation, and in my opinion, a basic human right.

  18. Gary says:

    I absolutely agree with you. I am sixty next year and have no relatives or close friends. I have been ill and not worked since January 2013 (having previously worked for well over thirty years), my life is a continual struggle and I am very heavily in debt now. Living on Benefits is shameful and the meagre Benefits are very hard to get. I long for peace, here are Oscar Wilde’s thoughts on death: “Yes, death. Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one’s head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday, and no to-morrow. To forget time, to forget life, to be at peace. You can help me. You can open for me the portals of death’s house…”

  19. Phillip Freeman says:

    Is there a step by step written process available? I won’t go into the reasons for my choice in this, but suffice it to say that I would that this process not cause complications for my family. So if anyone can please provide the required information I’d be forever grateful. Thank you sincerely.

    • We include detailed step-by-steps in our literature and also chapters on dilemmas involving the family and how to approach them sensibly and sensitively. If you are referring to helium, there are concerns not over the process but over the purity of the gas in balloon-gas cylinders, mainly from 2015 onwards. (These are addressed in “Five Last Acts The Exit Path 2015” which also includes the world’s first guide on using nitrogen and industrial helium.)

  20. Hans says:

    According to Balloon Times webpage it’s only the canisters sold in North- and South America and Australia that are mixed with air. The canisters sold in Europe, Africa and Asia are made in Portugal and there is no mentioning of air mixture in their description, only helium. Can you confirm this?

    • We can confirm that the website says what it says, not that it applies to any specific tank, especially when purchased through a retailer. The only legal requirement is that tanks sold are fit for the stated purpose (i.e. floating balloons). The only way of confirming that a tank is of an acceptably high concentration is to use a gas testing meter (usually expensive: the industrial kit discussed in The Exit Path 2015 would be cheaper). The only way of checking the volume of gas (and that not exactly) is by using a gas pressure meter or ‘regulator’.

    • Peggy R. says:

      I checked tanks at walmart and they are a mix.

  21. alternativeheliumballoongas says:

    Hi. I recently read your book Five Last Acts: The Exit Path and found the information very helpful. However there is a problem that may be a potential hazard. There is an alternative helium balloon tank called ‘Meteor Helium Balloon Kit’ marketed by ‘The Warehouse’ that is not mentioned by this book. I checked in store and couldn’t find a MSDS that mentioned the percentage helium and it didn’t say anywhere on the tank. This could obviously be a problem if the tank is only a helium-air mix like the balloon time tanks.

    Would Exit be able to supply any information about the contents of this balloon tank? Will Exit mention this balloon tank in future publications? It would be good to know all bases are covered.

    • Thank you for your comment. We’ve had a couple of enquiries about these from New Zealand. Indeed, as you say, it could be a problem if it is a diluted mix. We do try to keep tabs on what’s happening and issue updates in various forms.

      One of the problems with Meteor is that their website doesn’t have any data sheets that I can see. They advertise themselves as a sort of bargain shop and seem less traceable than many retailers. They also advertise recycling centres, which raises a concern over how well they are re-filled. Even testing one or two (which can be an expensive business if reliable equipment is used) only gives an indication for that individual tank. For instance — and it well might not be the case — the tank one person buys is full of helium and another one has not been refilled so accurately, resulting in a helium/air gas mix, even if it is concentrated enough to float balloons.

      The first stop is to check what major manufacturers claim to supply. Worthington, for instance (a major international wholesaler of balloon gas) states that their balloon gas is “between 85 and 100 per cent helium.”
      http://worthingtonindustries.com/getmedia/382c642e-7458-4903-8ae7-3181c426be32/WC042-Helium-Blend.pdf Balloon Time however, who purchase their gas from Worthington, state that their balloon gas is only “at least 80 per cent helium”
      However if we then go to Balloon Time’s international page, we find a dropdown menu by country:
      If you select the default, North America, South America and Australia, the text reads:

      “Made in the USA with Global Components. These products are proudly made in our Columbus, Ohio, USA facility with global components. Due to global helium supply issues, some of our products contain a mixture of helium and air with not less than 80 percent helium and float standard latex balloons for 5-7 hours. Cartons are clearly marked.”

      If however you select Europe, Asia and Africa, the text reads:

      “These products are proudly made in our Portugal facility.”

      and no mention of helium being mixed with air.
      A private, discretely-worded letter to Balloon Time elicited the response that “Our Balloon Time Helium Tanks in Europe still contain full helium.”

      This is not a 100 per cent guarantee (We have one, highly reliable account of a failure with helium in the UK but only one, out of many successes. There was a single failure reported on this website but that was apparently due to panic or poor choice of hood, as the person’s wife expired using the balloon gas). Even if Balloon Time have not quietly changed their policy, there is always the possibility, remote as it may be, that the tank was badly filled.

      Manufacturer data sheets should be checked periodically. To check older sheets (for instance, to see when a policy change occurred), some data can be obtained using search engines such as Wayback Machine.

      Getting back to New Zealand, there is more data available from the Australian Division of BOC, where the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) states that their balloon helium is 97 per cent helium:
      The same data can be verified for BOC gas in New Zealand using the ChemAlert website at http://msds.chemalert.com/?code=10001040
      This takes you to a SDS for Balloon Gas New Zealand that gives a similar composition:

      Click to access 3070114_002_001.pdf

      Much lower percentages of helium than 97 per cent will cause death, but uncomfortably and unpleasantly so, whereas 97 per cent is close to what all manufacturers had been selling up to early 2015. Buying from BOC will be more expensive and may involve a bit more paperwork (at least it has when we have contacted them). Yet their gases are industrial grade. Industrial grade gases (whether helium or, following the latest trend, nitrogen present their own challenges, as you are doubtless aware from Five Last Acts – The Exit Path (2nd edition) but if they are suitable for a particular individual offer even greater surety and choice (BOC also do a hi-tech deluxe tank called the Genie if money is no object, but the ordinary industrial cylinders are not outrageous, just quite a bit more than the average party balloon kit.)

      Any readers that come across Data Sheets for companies not mentioned are welcome to forward them to us and we will always try to publish them in a responsible way. Please note that this public Blog is not for instructions on self-euthanasia. For that, there are approved books and resources.

  22. Dr. Michael Ray LaChat says:

    God bless your strength and dignity.

  23. Mark Andrews says:

    I want to thank you all. Finding this site and reading the comments has dispelled much of my sense of isolation. To know that there are others facing the same issues helps more than most can understand.

  24. john fisher says:

    This information has been very helpful and I am happy that I can take the necessary action. I thought that I might have some regrets or even fear but now that my mind is made up I can plan properly.

    I did not realise that self determination could be so easy and provided that I follow all the advice given on various websites I should not have a problem. At last some peace from this torture!!

  25. Sophia says:

    It’s taken me well over four years to get to a point of googling for information. I have a good life. Blessed actually. A loving partner, enough food. Im only 36 now. I’ve chosen not to buy insurance and things like that because I have felt called all my life to walk into unknown fears, and to dare to live in a way that is different to society which has required certain sacrifices like trusting how things unfold. I am not a theist but I am very spiritual in a shamanic way. I have chosen not to have children, and hope that I can see my elders safely off the earth before (if) global catastrophe hits. I live in South Africa so they say Africa is likely going to be hardest hit. Knowing that this resource is here gives me the strength to be bravery in the face of uncertainty. I want to be able to have this option when I’m too hold or weak to look after myself. Thank you so much.

  26. Can I remind people that comments are welcome. I’d also like to remind people that the Blog is not a discussion group or a site where we answer queries on a one-to-one basis, either on the board or by email. Many of the issues are complex and a short answer would often be inappropriate for any number of reasons. It might be a cry for help from someone temporarily depressed. It could be a child. There is no sure way of knowing and so it is against our policy. It could also open us up to legal penalties or get the Blog closed down were we to give graphic details online. Most importantly, it would be unscientific. Exit (not the Blog) researches and publishes what we believe to be the world’s leading, scientifically-verifiable data, not more, not less. If there is a major issue we are usually the first to look into it and publish balanced advice (as we did on nitrogen). But simple answer might not be the best one for a querent’s individual circumstances; and they might not have even ealised the most important questions to ask. So this is the position: data is researched and published and available from bookshops and to Exit’s members: the Blog is more a socially supportive gesture to everyone, free of charge and without posting things can could endanger others.

    We look at all available data from multidisciplinary sources and from around the world, and we listen and liaise with other researchers, often advising them. We look at cases, we look at successes and failures, we look at related issues. We look at technical aspects of medicine and drugs and physical methods and at technical aspects of the law. We cannot tell you which method would be right for you personally or whether you should even take such a step: we simply help you to be prepared and think things through rationally. We cannot tell you which shop in a village on the other side of the world carries a product you want, but we provide enough information for the average responsible individual to find out (We’re researchers, not Yellow Pages!)

    We don’t give ‘quick’ answers or ‘well-meaning reassurance’ although there are plenty of other sources that do that and we try to offer something rather more: honesty and verifiable information. (MIstakes, after all, can be very serious.) Neither do we focus heavily on illegal sources: partly as legal ones are more obtainable, generally more reliable, and are less liable to change, but we do include an outline of legal provisions and suggestions about working within the law. The Blog is for everyone but also *primarily* for Exit members, who look into the ‘big questions’ in a private, methodical and rational manner, and usually with the help of our published literature from bookstores and online bookstores and to a lesser extent from our members’ magazine, yet the Blog is written in a way ttries to be inspirational and supportive to everybody and we’d ask people to support this ethos and to please bear it in mind when sending comments!

    With kindest regards to all our readers and subscribers and don’t forget, if you find the Blog helpful or inspiring, do please maybe consider pressing the ‘donate’ button to help us maintain our work!

  27. Joan Glasner says:

    Thank you for this blog. I no longer feel ashamed and alone in my wish to control my own death.

  28. Carlo Carocci says:

    I believe this information is relevant in assisting people who are concerned with maintaining their dignity. ..thank you and God bless. .

  29. Anon says:

    Exit bag might be the way to go, thank you for the good read

  30. Norm says:

    Food for thought, with follow up options and did not realize the range of literature available.

  31. (edited) says:

    The following message was sent to this website multiple times in what is almost undoubtedly promoting a scam operation.

    Last year I bought some lethal dosage for my grandparents who couldn’t support life anymore. ******** is a good source of this solution.. I recommend




  32. Please note: This website has recently been spammed with comments from a company posing as individual subscribers and promoting a fake nembutal sales website. Readers are advised that such websites are fake and simply a highly polished scam to deprive people of hard-earned money. Many have believable names and pictures. They will not in reality supply nembutal or any other barbiturates. Please see the ===scams=== section at the end of our Resources page (top menu link). -ed.

  33. Christopher says:

    Wow, how lucky am I to I’ve been born during the summer of love and to live up until “the future”. In a time where I can choose my death potentially with no discomfort.
    Thank you so much for what you guys are doing!
    Mom used to say that “there’s always a better day “whenever you mentioned suicide. Back then there was no conversation about this.
    My latest law to the subject is I will not take my own life because of someone else. And beyond that I’m going to have a damn good reason.

    Your body is your temple. I wish I understood that when I was younger.

    Be careful of what you perceive, is it fact or opinion. Do your homework.

    When you’re gone, it’s not about what you gave them. it’s about how you made them feel.

    Unfortunately there are worse things in life than death for some. I’m counting my blessings. It is the opinion of some that my 19 year old niece will welcome me into heaven. I sure hope that happens!

  34. Marilou & Steve Coulston says:

    Thank you and good luck

  35. Georgina Jennings says:

    Awesome, thanks for actually providing factual information on the subject!!! Sincerely, I only see it as kindness! Is greatly appreciated!!

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