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Exit welcomes CPP clarifications

A statement issued last week by the new Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, clarifies the Guidance of the Crown Prosecution Service (England & Wales), and eases some of the fears of doctors and others in the medical profession over … Continue reading

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Speaking for the majority

This weekend, the influential (and, surprisingly, moderately rightwing) newspaper, The Economist, takes a strong stance in favour of assisted suicide, proclaiming, “Most people in the Western world favour assisted suicide. The law should reflect their will.” It describes the horror … Continue reading

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No helium, no bags, no information, can’t talk about it, where will it end?

How much respect does the law really give you for your private life? Your family life? Your private arrangements between you and those you love and who love you? This apparently straightforward question is one that our highest court wants … Continue reading

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A choice too far?

We tend to judge a society by how that society treats its less able. Usually that means enabling those less fortunate so they have the rights and privileges of able-bodied people. Yet some things seem to offend our sensibilities. Give … Continue reading

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Organs replaced, euthanasia wishes honoured, good ethics

A little while ago, we drew attention to a well thought out idea by Julian Savulescu and Dominic Wilkinson, suggesting that being able to donate one’s organs while requesting euthanasia could give an added sense of meaning to a dignified … Continue reading

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Good life good death: I don’t need my organs, just a peaceful dying

Organ transplant and euthanasia hit the headlines this week as two people seeking euthanasia ask that their organs be donated. Tony Nicklinson of Melksham, Wiltshire communicates by blinking or nodding his head at letters on a board. His legal team … Continue reading

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