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Organs replaced, euthanasia wishes honoured, good ethics

A little while ago, we drew attention to a well thought out idea by Julian Savulescu and Dominic Wilkinson, suggesting that being able to donate one’s organs while requesting euthanasia could give an added sense of meaning to a dignified … Continue reading

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Euthanasia in Belgium: no slippery slope

The evidence of studies in several countries suggests that legislation to allow euthanasia does not affect the number of cases significantly – it just makes them more open and transparent. This has never deterred panic-mongers, who spin data to create … Continue reading

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The meaning of autonomy

In an unusual case this week, the High Court ruled that it will be lawful to force treatment on an incompetent 55-year-old woman in her best interests, despite her apparent dissent and lack of co-operation stemming from phobias about hospitals … Continue reading

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CPR – I might want it now but I don’t want it later

People’s views of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation – an emergency procedure for persons in cardiac or respiratory arrest) are shaped to a large extent by television medical series such as Casualty, E.R. and Holby City: a patient arrests, the healthcare team … Continue reading

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