A nitrogen workshop and a special invitation!

Martin Amis’ stance on euthanasia hardened after the deaths of his stepfather, Lord Kilmarnock, and his friend and novelist Dame Iris Murdoch.

Martin Amis is famous not just for his hard-hitting novels but for his outspoken stance on euthanasia. His position, however, is a personal one, arrived at not for the sake of exercising his vast skill as a writer but as a result of a deeply held conviction, arrived at partly from witnessing the suffering of those close to him. He is clear about what he would want: yet every person’s story is different.

This year we are inviting people to contribute to our project, EXIT: The Self-Euthanasia Movie. (The film examines the immersive empowerment people experience in EXIT’s unique workshops.) What we also need is short ‘headshots’ (typically up to three minutes long) from people with their own feelings, story, reasons for wanting to be in control of their own dying moments. If you have a point to make, we do not want you to act: simply to express your own personal, genuine convictions or position with intensity.

Filming for this is expected to take place in August or September (2015), probably in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you think you could contribute, you are invited to email us at exit@euthanasia.cc within the next three weeks (if you are not a member of Exit, please include a little about yourself). You might be included in a film that is released to the public on DVD or entered at a film festival.

The other item in relation to EXIT: The Self-Euthanasia Movie is a special workshop to consider the use of nitrogen in self-euthanasia. This is a relatively new development. Exit, together with other organisations, has been presenting its research on this at an international symposium (sponsored by NuTech, in San Francisco) and in its latest work, Five Last Acts – The Exit Path (2015 edition). The workshop is for members only and is filmed (standard release forms). Exit members are invited to apply.

(Please note, participation in workshops is only open to Exit Members. Headshot contributions are open to anyone. Exit reserves the right to refuse admission to workshops or headshop auditions without giving reasons.)

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2 Responses to A nitrogen workshop and a special invitation!

  1. Joni Vincent says:

    I have no death wish, never have, never will. Having said that I watched my mother do the slow dance of death for 8 years. 3 strokes, Alzheimer’s … it doesn’t get more heartbreaking than that. So, when my own health begins to fail I want to find an alternative exit plan other than hospital after hospital and eventually nursing home. I am a healthy [as far as I know] 60 yr. young female. I enjoy life but when that leaves me, and it will like it will leave us all, I want to have a plan in place. I would like to slip away quietly just as quietly as I have lead my life and I am hoping that when that time comes I will be prepared.

  2. C Hammond says:

    I am a 70 year old female who never feared death but now I do. I have witnessed patients begging for more pain killers & being told sorry its not time yet. What people need to realise is not everyone in the caring professions are as sympathetic as they should be they have become hardened to death. People need to remove their rose tinted glasses I am afraid. Stop trying to persuade us the path to death can be wonderful for far too many people it is a long agonising transition.

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